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Actually, the garage door springs issue is a kind of trouble that needs a prompt, professional solution; otherwise, it will be a great disaster that exceeds the problem of stopping the door from opening and closing and going up to threaten your safety; each minute that passes is a danger that may lead to falling the overhead door hitting anyone, or damaging anything in the garage or at a distance surrounding it. Call SOS Garage Repair for the quickest, trusted spring services in Englewood, Colorado; no problem will last more than 30 minutes at maximum when our experts take it.

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Does the overhead door stop when it is going up? A loud bang is heard that similar to a gunshot! Do the torsion springs above the gate seem separated? The gate can not stay up after opening it! The door is opening very slowly! If having any of these issues, close the overhead door completely to minimize any risk of injury, and then call professionals who you can guarantee that they can make the right decision towards the springs after doing accurate detection.

Maybe the springs need lubrication, adjusting, and tightening, and perhaps these simple repairs cannot be enough, which leaves you with the risk of falling the door, and the replacement is the necessitated needed task for an overhead door that will act smoothly and safely. The ideal solution for the springs hassle is to get in touch with SOS Garage Repair experts, who have handled all the overhead springs issues of all kinds and brands, knowing how to handle each of them at the highest quality from the first visit.

When To Replace The Springs! Call Our Professionals For The Task

The overhead gate becomes out of balance! Balance problems may not signal worn or broken springs, yet they can create a premature breakdown. The door grumbles and squeaks! This door is visibly misaligned! All these indications may tell that a spring replacement mission is needed, which requires deciding on the right sized spring with the correct model that is per the door's weight and the size of the daily usage for this entry door to install instead of the worn-out one.

From selecting the right springs that suit the overhead door to installing them professionally, we at SOS Garage Repair can offer this service to our clients in Englewood, Colorado, with the most professional standards. Attempting to replace the springs yourself is even more dangerous as selecting the wrong springs may cause a disaster within the door operation, leading to collapsing this door. Also, maybe you will be injured during the installation process as these parts work under tension that enables them to carry the door, and this tension may hurt you. So, let the task to the experts and enjoy respectful service at the same day and affordable cost.

Professional Springs Adjustments

Inspecting /rebalancing the overhead door springs are an important matter that has to be done at least once a year. This helps make sure that these vital parts that carry the whole door are strong enough to continue operating correctly. Also, inclement weather, overuse, and age can negatively affect y these springs, making it necessary to call in help for adjustments or a replacement.

Our team knows the torsion and extension springs like the backs of their hands, realizing when to replace and how to adjust, lubricate and tighten. We at SOS Garage Repair are the most trusted garage door repair team in the Englewood, CO, area.

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